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Fafunwa Foundation Internet Journal of Education


The Fafunwa Educational Foundation was founded in January 1995 by Professor Aliyu Babatunde Fafunwa with the following aims and objectives:

1. to promote and fund educational research in Institutions of Higher Learning such as Universities, Colleges of Education, Technical Colleges and Polytechnics.

2. To award prizes and scholarships to outstanding undergraduate/graduate students in Education in Nigerian Universities, Colleges of Education and other higher Institutions.

3. To promote a forum for dialogue between education practitioners and policy makers.

4. To promote and create where necessary public awareness on matters relating to Education.

5. To encourage and promote educational experimentation and innovative activities that may lead to the enhancement and improvement of the educational system in Nigeria and elsewhere.

6. To publish research findings, conclusions, recommendations and communique of important National and International Education Conferences as they relate to Nigeria.

7. To encourage, promote and support the publication of learned journals in Education.